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A Band from Israel. They're called Young Israelites and I've fallen for this song Big Time. Take a listen I hope you're gonna love it as much as I love it. It's called 'Stay by My Side'...One of the great things about music is when you hear something new and fresh and it hits you, Bang. And that definitely is my favorite record for this week. It's made by a new band to me. They call themselves Young Israelites. Lovely vocals and those rim shots, straight out of a 1966 rocksteady record. The Young Israelites with 'Stay by my Side'.”

— David Rodigan BBC 1Xtra

Young Israelites are a Rocksteady Reggae Band from Israel, formed by 3 longtime friends, Tristan Braams, Tal Eshel and Nate Lev ("Likkle Nate"), that have loved and played reggae music for years. Their music and sound is heavily influenced by 60's Reggae, and you can hear this clearly in their Debut EP "Stay by My Side". 

Their single "Stay by My Side", as well as two other songs from their EP ("Not Ready to let you Go" and "Keep on Holding on"), received praise and multiple airplay from the legendary English Reggae Broadcaster, David "Ram Jam" Rodigan, from BBC Radio 1Xtra. 

The band first formed on a trip to Jamaica in 2018, where they recorded their first single "My Way" with Earl Chinna Smith, one of Bob Marley's original guitar players and reggae legend. The song was accompanied by a youtube video showing all the highlights of their exploration of beautiful Jamaica.

Ever since then, Young Israelites have been performing in music festivals in Israel, recording new songs, and uploading covers of rocksteady classic hits to their social media. 

Their songs have been played and praised all around the world in big reggae radio stations in Mexico (Reactor 105), Jamaica (Nikki Z - The Bridge 99 FM), New York and Canada (Dj Roy Irie Jam Radio), Bosnia (BH1 Radio), Amsterdam (BlesZ - Broadcast Amsterdam), Australia (Dj Beefy Ska Nation), Israel (Gil Shady Radio Edge and Baba Reggae) and many stations in the UK (David Rodigan BBC 1Xtra, Don Letts and Craig Charles BBC 6, Flex Fm, Boot Boy radio and many more).

The band is now getting ready to play their first international show in Europe's biggest reggae festival, Rototom Sunsplash in Spain this August.

After the festival the band will release their first full length album with 10 new songs!

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